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Engineered to fit the standard suburban garage, the Xplorer 2.0 makes it easier than ever to get out on the road. Taking all the best bits from the original HKC Xplorer, the “Shorty” may be smaller in size, but it makes no compromise on comfort or practicality. The trailer comes with an integrated staircase, which makes reaching the tent and rooftop storage easy and is designed to be set up in under 5 minutes.

Freedom out on the road. Secure in the Garage

Engineered as a shorter trailer, the Xplorer 2.0 has been designed to still give you plenty of height underneath the awning and in your living spaces, with more than enough room under the wing doors to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Purposely designed to fit in the garage, the Shorty measures up at just 1980mm high meaning that, after a trip, it can be quickly unpacked, charged up, and stored more securely and conveniently, within the comfort of your own home.

Stairway to a good night’s sleep

Who likes ladders anyway? Our integrated staircase makes it easy to get up into bed, no matter whether you’ve got a bung leg or decided to have a big night around the fire.

The staircase is complimented with guided lighting, storage compartments, and a handrail to make accessing the rooftop storage or tent easy.

It’s safer, less strenuous, and allows campers of all ages to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Ready for anything

Whether you’re heading out bush or to the beach, the Xplorer camper trailer will get you there and back without missing a beat.

Boasting a full 150mm x 50mm x 3mm galvanised chassis, 265/75 R16 mud-terrain tyres (including one full-sized spare), dual big-bore gas shocks and heavy-duty wheel bearings, the Xplorer camper trailer will handle tough terrain with ease.

With its lightweight aluminium body, you can tow the Xplorer with basically any offroad-capable vehicle.

Premium living features as standard

Designed so that you’re able to live out of it for weeks or months on end, in comfort, our Xplorer 2.0 does camping the easy way.

Tired of long-winded setups? After a good night’s sleep? What about storing all your gear?

We’ve ticked all those boxes. The trailer can be completely set up in under five minutes, comes with a spacious queen-sized rooftop tent with enough room to store all your bedding even while you’re driving, and has plenty of storage space at 3,450L.

Sliding out from underneath the pantry, the camper has a full-featured kitchen including a large prep bench, Dometic two-burner stove, and even a pop-out kitchen sink. On top of that, there’s a fridge slide big enough to fit a 96L fridge equipped with another pull-out prep bench located just opposite the kitchen.

Tying it all up, the trailer is sheltered by our Extra-Large 270° Free-Standing Awning which takes seconds to set up.

For the best possible night’s sleep, you can add in one of our dual-lift hard shell rooftop tents. They are simple for one person to set up and pack down, and easy to access via the Xplorer’s integrated staircase.

And for shelter from the sun and rain, we offer our 270 degree freestanding awning. It’s one of the largest on the market, and with handy ratchet tie-downs, lightweight arms and heavy-duty hinges it is a breeze to set up for one person.


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CHASSIS: Hot-dip galvanised steel 150mm x 50mm x 3mm BODY: Aluminium CAMPER HITCH: Premium ALKO 360° 50mm ball SUSPENSION: Heavy-duty independent suspension with big-bore gas shocks HUB BEARINGS: Heavy-duty PCD 6×139.7 PAINT FINISH: Impact-resistant 4-step electrocoating (hammertone finish) JOCKEY WHEEL: ARK XO 750


TOTAL LENGTH: 4,100mm TOTAL WIDTH: 1,980mm TOTAL HEIGHT: 1,980mm (to the top of closed roof top tent) HEIGHT (KITCHEN SIDE – UNDER DOORS): 1,900mm approx HEIGHT (DRIVERS SIDE – UNDER DOORS): 1,800mm approx GROUND CLEARANCE: 500mm (from water tank) WHEEL TRACK: 1,640mm DEPARTURE ANGLE: 25.3° RAMP OVER ANGLE: 59° TARE WEIGHT (DRY): 1,300kg (depending on configuration) ATM WEIGHT: 2,200kg BALL WEIGHT: 100kg – 140kg (depending on configuration) WATER CAPACITY: 100L front tank + 70L rear tank WHEELS & TYRES: 265/75/R16 MT (31.6") FRIDGE SLIDE: 96L STORAGE: 3,450L (approx)