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Great on both touring 4×4 setups and camper trailers, our Shower Tent is ideal for those looking for a bit of extra luxury while out on the road. Useful as both a shower room and as a toilet or changing space, it can be adjusted in size so that it suits the height of your vehicle perfectly. The tent comes with everything you need to get it setup, as well as a removable floor with drain, and a velcro roof piece.

Have your Shower Tent up and ready in an instant. Designed to be mounted directly to your 4×4 roof rack, or to the side of your camper trailer, our ensuite virtually sets itself up – just unzip the bag, loosen the velcro and the gas struts will do the rest. Opened up, the tent has plenty of room to shower or get changed in with 100% privacy at 1M2.

Completely adjustable in height, the tent can be lengthened, with the roof and floor piece intact, to give you a shower room over 2.2m in height, simply by adjusting the tags found at the top of the tent. You can create additional height by unzipping and removing the floor piece, making this ensuite particularly useful on taller vehicles. The velcro roof piece is perfect for when using the tent as a change room, giving you total cover from rain.

Inside, the room is equipped with two pockets, great for holding soaps and toiletries. There’s also an internal access tab facing the tent’s backing plate, giving you an easy way to grab your towel or dry clothes once you’ve finished up. The top corner of the tent has a set of Velcro tabs made to be able to secure the shower head.

Engineered to put up with a good bit of wear and weather, the tent is extremely durable. The shower walls are made from polyester and have been coated with a PU water-resistant coating which allows for the tent to very quickly dry off. The floor is made from PVC, which provides great protection from sticks and rocks. There’s also a drain on the floor piece which can be opened up using the internal zip running along one edge of the tent.